E-mails from an asshole

It's not often you read a seriously funny blogg but all of a sudden it appears out of nowhere. E-mails from an asshole is simply brilliant. I'm totally addicted and can't stop reading. Thinking about quitting my job in order to be able to concentrate fully on this jewel amongst blogs.

Have a look at some of my favourites.

Comanche quest
Childhood classics
Disguised weapons


Daniel Tosh - Day Light Savings Time

He's not only a comedian. He's an inventor and a go-getter aswell! Is there anything he can't think of?


Brian Regan - UPS

You just don't want to be percieved as an idiot by the UPS. You just don't.


Kiss - Love Gun intro

Maybe you didn't know this, but Paul Stanley is actually one of the funniest musicians there is. If you don't believe me - take a look at this intro. If you don't laugh - you have no sense of humour.